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March Pack Meeting


March 18th

Spaceport Sheboygan from 10am-12pm.

802 Blue Harbor Drive

Sheboygan, WI, 53081

Scouts are covered for the Spaceport program only.  Adults and chaperones are free of charge.  Siblings and Cosmic Bounce will not be covered by the Pack.


$6 for Cosmic Bounce

Non Scouts

$5 for Spaceport

$11 with Cosmic Bounce

Please RSVP to your Den Leader at your next Den Meeting.



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Kids Camp

July 16 we have an opportunity to give back to Gibbsville Church for being our charter. On July 15 the pack is invited to help out at “Kids Camp”. Kids Camp is an event that GRC puts on every year. We bus kids from the inner city of Chicago and Milwaukee to Gibbsville for and extended weekend to experience rural living. We have been asked to help clean up the church property (Pick up garbage and what not), after that we are invited to participate in a game time with the campers and after that we could stay for a short worship service.

“Kids Camp” update.

Rob posted below some information about an opportunity to give back to Gibbsville church by helping out with “Kids Camp”. Please see his original post. The organizers have changed the date from the 15th to Saturday 7/16, hopefully that will help with scout turnout. We have been asked to arrive at the church around 8:30am to help clean up the church property from the previous days activities. Then, at 9:00 we are invited to attend a worship service along with the campers. From 10:00-11:00 we are also invited to go along with the campers to Gibbsville Park to participate in their “Body Builder Activity” I have been told this is team building activities and games.

We would love to see a good turnout of scouts. This is not only a great opportunity to so the church that we appreciate them chartering us this year, but it is a great opportunity for our scouts to interact with kids that come from a very different “culture” than us.

We hope to see you there! Thanks!
Mike Scholten

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